Act! v24 Compatibility Enhancements

Along with the change to the 64-bit architecture, Act! v24 has major compatibility updates. You will be able to run Act! v24 on the latest version of Windows® 11 set for release in Q4 2021. Additional compatibility updates include support for Office 2019 and SQL Server 2019. Your Act! subscription ensures ongoing compatibility with current hardware, software, and operating systems for maximum productivity and peace of mind.

  • Windows 11
    • Deploy Act! v24 on Windows 11, releasing fall of 2021
    • Reap the benefits of a 64-bit platform with the latest security and performance enhancements from Microsoft
    • Leverage your Act! subscription to stay current and compatible
  • Office 2019
    • Act! v24 uses 64-bit integration for Outlook and Word add-ins bringing back stability and functionality
    • Act! Office Add-Ins support 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office 2019
  • SQL 2019
    • Deploy pre-packaged SQL 2019 automatically for new installs
    • Upgrade to SQL 2019 upon install of Act! v24 if the supported version of SQL is not detected(SQL 2014 R2)
    • Benefit from the recent SQL security, performance and scalability enhancements