Delight every customer, every time.  where no detail is forgotten and meaningful interactions happen.

Imagine this – a top customer calls unexpectedly, but you don’t sweat it. In an instant you’re informed and prepared with a comprehensive view of all their interactions with your company, no matter where you are.  With all this rich information, you personalize conversations and build trust, because you know things like which products they have, when their contracts are expiring, the last time you spoke, even down to their birthday and kids’ names.  You nailed it! All your customers think they’re your best and most valued. 

Act! Premium Desktop is for work groups that need to share information and do so in a variety of Access situations that they control

  • Windows Install on an in house network or workstation
  • Remote users who don’t always have Internet Access who need to Synchronize
  • Access via the web hosted on your own server 
  • Access via mobile phones via HHC (optional)
  • Access via tablets
  • You control deployment of updates/upgrades

Act! Premium Desktop lets you have it all! Implementation CHOICES include:

  • Windows, Web and Sync Capability deployed on your own machines
  • Act! Marketing Automation Basic (2500 Sends) with optional additional sends
  • Video Training to get everyone up to speed quickly

Need even more

  • You can add Custom Tables $10.00 Per User/Month
  • You can add an Industry Customization
  • You can add additional Marketing Automation functionality
  • You can choose from hundreds of add-ons
  • You can add enhanced support $10.00 Per User/Month

Act! Premium Can also be hosted in the cloud for you 

Act! Premium Cloud and Cloud with Sync Box Shot

Check out the new Act! offerings where Act! will host your database for you.  You can access your database with immediate browser based access and even have synchronization databases:

Act! Premium Cloud

Act! Premium Cloud with Sync

Act! Premium Desktop 


per user/month

(billed annually)


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Add custom Tables:   $10.00 user/month

Enhanced Support:    $10.00 user/month 

Act! Marketing Automation – Select:  25,000 emails per month.  Only 1 per account is needed:       $948.00

Act! Marketing Automation Complete:  50,000 emails per month. Only 1 per account is needed:      $2388.00 

Act! Marketing Automation Advanced:  100,000 emails per month Only 1 per account is needed:       $4788.00