Steve McCandlish Act! Certified Consultant

Steve McCandlish

Chief executive officer

Jean McCandlish Act! Certified Consultant

JEAN McCandlish

Vice President

ASDS winners of Act! Vision Award

Act! Vision Award

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Helping Your Business Build Success-About ASDS Computer

ASDS was founded in 1989 by Steve and Jean McCandlish.  We are based in Denver, Colorado.  We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.  That being said, we have travelled all over the world working with clients on Act!  Today, we connect remotely to anyone anywhere in the world and it is so fulfilling to be able to help so many people. 

We have been involved with Act! almost from the very beginning.  Steve actually received an award from Act! called the Longevity Award – the guy who has been around the longest.  We know Act!  It has been our passion and our business.  We have clients that we have worked with for decades.  It is not a transaction to us, it is getting involved to help people with their passions – their businesses.

Steve taught the week long Act! Certified Consultants class for over a decade.  Consequently, he has personally trained over 80% of the Act! consultants in the world. He taught classes not only in the US, but in the UK and Australia.  As part of this engagement he wrote the Act! Certified Consultants manuals for many, many versions of Act!.  These manuals were close to 500 pages each.  It is not exaggerating to say he has poured over Act! in minute detail.  It is no wonder he can so easily connect to your machine and immediately show you how to do something!  He has even been called to testify in court as an expert witness on Act!

At ASDS, we install, customize, support and provide training on the Act! application.  Sometimes more is required, like integrating Act! with other applications, we are always up to the challenge!  ASDS holds the Vision award for development of the “Best Act! Add-On.”  We have been the Top Revenue producer for Act! multiple times, but the award we are the most proud of is having the “Most Outstanding Customer References.”  We love to know we are helping people!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about ASDS Computer.  We hope to get to know you!



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