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Faxing out of Act! is easy with FaxAdmin.  FaxAdmin adds the option to the Act! toolbar and the Act! MailMerge dialog box. 

Send instant personalized faxes to one customer – or hundreds!

Send a QuickFax In Seconds!

  • Send a personalized one-page fax in seconds with any note you type.
  • Use built-in cover sheet templates

Use the FaxBlast Feature to send one or multiple attached documents to one or multiple Contacts

FaxAdmin is the only solution that enables Windows Fax and Scan or Fax Talk to work with Act!

Send Personalized and Merged Faxes Directly from Act!

  • Create individually merged documents to multiple contacts in one step using the Act! mail merge feature
  • Each document is individually merged with contact field data – then sent to each contact’s individual fax number
  • Log the fax history with a subject line you select
  • Set options for handling contacts with  missing or invalid fax numbers

Faxing out of Act! is simple when you add FaxAdmin!



FAX Right from within ACT!


Send a Quick Fax, Mail Merge and Fax or Fax Blast

Act Faxing options, quick fax, faxblast, mailmerge Fax

Makes the Fax Option come alive on the standard Act! Mail Merge screen to fax out your Mail Merges

Faxing option comes active in Mail Merge Wizard

Fax multiple document attachments to one contact or multiple contacts with the FaxBlast feature

Fax attachments out of Act!



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BUY NOW $99.95“Unleash the power of desktop faxing to easily send professional communications and grow your business!”

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“Say goodbye to the hassles of printing out a document on paper,
taking it over to the fax machine, struggling to load the paper right
side up (or down?), dialing the number correctly, then checking
back later to make sure it went through.”