MigrateAdmin to import Goldmine into Act!

Looking for a way to Convert GoldMine to Act!?  Look no further, MigrateAdmin will completely convert unlimited contacts, companies, e-mails, activities, histories, notes, sales opportunities, groups, custom fields, attachments and more! Your important data and data relationships are maintained so you don’t miss a beat.

MigrateAdmin is powerful enough to accurately convert large customized workgroup databases using a step-by-step wizard interface that requires no advanced database knowledge. 

Until now you had to hire a database consultant to convert your GoldMine data into Act! – and it was always a challenge. That meant extra fees for larger databases and sending your data offsite. Now you can do it yourself in one step.  Still unsure? Don’t worry, you can contract with us to take care of it for you.  

MigrateAdmin even takes care of converting your proprietary GoldMine email into Outlook for use with Act!

Maintain relationship between data in GoldMine that is linked: companies, contacts, histories, and pending activities.

Manage field level conversion by merging fields, splitting fields, and correcting field types.

If you are called away during the migration, no worries, you can pick up right where you left off. 

Validate data upon conversion; view report of import status and any issues encountered. 

Wait no longer!  Convert GoldMine to Act!


Converts GoldMine®  to Act!


Our configuration wizard lets you map GoldMine fields right into Act! fields.

Mapping GoldMine fields to Act! fields

You can create new fields in Act! based on your GoldMine fields as you need them one by one, or create all the remaining fields you need in Act! all at once.  

Creating fields in Act when converting GoldMine to Act!


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Make sure all the key data is converted and be up and running quickly.