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Importing data into Act! easily can be accomplished with MergeAdmin.  It merges and imports data from any CSV file into an Act! database so you can keep your Act! data updated with useful information from other sources.  You determine how to match records and which fields to update, all other fields remain intact. 

Take that valuable customer data from around your company and bring it into specific Act! fields.  MergeAdmin updates just the fields you choose, such as year to date sales data, last products purchased, etc.

  • Contact, Company, and Group merges
  • Identify matches by matching on up to three fields that you choose
  • Editable error log for easy re-import of specified rows with option to validate prior to execution
  • Option for MergeAdmin to validate your data prior to execution
  • ‘Empty’ and ‘Non-Empty’ field merges
  • Advanced Lookup Tool
  • Reliably merge or import ASCII data in CSV or tab-delimited formats
    • the input file can be quote/comma separated values (.CSV), semicolon-delimited or tab -delimited format-both supported by Microsoft Excel
    • Supports all Act! field data types including: Character, number, phone, currency, email, URL, time, date and more.
  • Create new fields in Act! from MergeAdmin without having to start Act!
  • Save your settings in multiple map files and use them again
  • Combine multiple fields into one when importing (combine “Joe” and “Smith” into “Joe Smith”
  • Easy to install and use with step-by-step wizard interface
  • Automatically back up your database before each merge
  • Run unattended for nightly imports using AutoAdmin

Importing data into Act! has never been so easy!

imports data into act! with more Control than the standard act! import


You decide what action to take when there is a match, no match or multiple matches.  New contact, company, or group records can be added when no match is found.

Create a group that includes new and added contacts from the most recent merge.

Creates a log for each merge identifying merge errors and status.


MergeAdmin options on match, no match for importing data into Act!


Import and Merge data from any CSV file into Act! on a field-by-field level.

MergeAdmin matching Act! fields to input fields


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“I’m stoked about this product.  We will be able to do monthly financial updates with a minimum of effort and be assured that it is correct.  All is well in the land of text import!”

MergeAdmin Brochure

MergeAdmin User Manual

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