ASDS is an avid developer of Act! Add Ons.  When we come across a business need that we feel is applicable to a global audience we make the solution into one of our retail Act! Add Ons.   ASDS not only develops our own Act! Add Ons, but we resell and support many of the very best Act! Add Ons in the marketplace.   


The ASDS Act! add on list is as follows:

AutoAdmin – The award winning unattended backup and maintenance product that ensures your valuable Act! data is safe and healthy.  Backup locally and/or to an FTP site and receive an email if backup fails.  

FaxAdmin – Fax right from within Act!  Send personalized faxes to one customer – or hundreds.  

MigrateAdmin – Convert GoldMine data directly into Act! without leaving valuable data behind.  

MergeAdmin – MergeAdmin merges and imports data from any ASCII data file into an Act! database on a field-by-field level.  Keep your Act! data updated with crucial data from other sources.   

AutoLimited Access -Automatically set your contact, company or group limited access rules on the fly with Auto Limited Access.  

DocAdmin  – Scan an attach documents right from within Act! with only one click!    

NumUp – Increment or decrement numbers on a field in Act!


Below are other products we support and sell:

Handheld Contact –  A mobile solution for Act!  Handheld Contact lets you wirelessly sync between your mobile device and Act! 

Handheld Contact API – Uses the Act! Web API for faster transfers from Act to your mobile device exclusively for Act! Subscribers.

Act4Outlook – Provides reliable Outlook Integration with Act!  Creates contacts and activities in Act!

Act4Mail – Provides reliable Outlook Integration with Act! coupled with Mail Merge capabilities – For Act! Subscribers.

QuoteWerks –  Creates quotes while integrating with Act!

 QBSales Data –  QuickBooks link for Act! lets you eliminate double-entry and makes your Act! and QuickBooks users more productive.


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