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Searching for Mobile Solutions for Act!.  Look no further, with Handheld Contact you can wirelessly access and manage your Act! Contacts, Calendar, Activities, Notes, Histories, Opportunities right from your mobile device – even without and Internet Connection.  Your phone will alert you of all your scheduled Act! alarms and annual events like Birthdays and Anniversaries.  

Whenever you call, e-mail or text message a contact, Handheld Contact automatically creates an Act! history record for you.



Handheld Contact API

Mobile solutions for Act! just got even better.  More than a mobile website, Handheld Contact API is an app you install on your mobile device that syncs directly with your master Act! database to provide an unrivaled Act! experience without compromise.

  • Handheld Contact API securely stores the data locally so you can access your business-critical data faster and, since it is offline, from anywhere.
  • Greater data management with Handheld Contact API because the software manages the data locally, and is not reliant on the API to filter what you can see from Act!. You see only the data relevant to you.
  • Handheld Contact supports Act! alarms and utilizes your mobile devices notification system, ringer, or vibrate feature to alert you to upcoming events.



Go mobile with your Act! data

Handheld Contact Mobile Solution for Act!


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Handheld Contact API Mobile Solution for Act!


Use Cases  

There are two versions depending on how you access Act! In general follow the criteria below.

If you use Act! Premium on your desktop:  use Handheld Contact

If you use Act! via the web (using your chrome browser) use Handheld Contact API











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Whether you use a Blackberry, iPhone, Android Phone, or even an iPad or Android Tablet, Handheld Contact puts all your vital contact, calendar, notes and history at your finger tips – it’s like taking your office with you.

Using Handheld Contact on tablet



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Handheld Contact calendar system