Keystroke Annual Awards

As part of Keystroke’s annual Staff Awards, a Keystroke Partner is selected for their efforts during the year. ASDS was awarded the 2022 Keystroke Orange Peel Award for being the top revenue producer. This marks the third time ASDS has received this award since joining the partner program four years ago. This award is really a testament to our clients and to the trust they place in us as we work together to create solutions that move their organizations forward. Shout out to all of you!

AMA Basic

Act! is now including Act! Marketing Automation Basic in all new and renewal licenses. The Basic level will allow you to send 2500 emails per month. This is a fantastic way to begin using Marketing Automation. Although you will not have any of the advanced features, you can begin by developing fantastic looking email templates and sending them out to your contacts. This is especially good news for users of the old Swiftpage E Marketing or Act! E Marketing packages, both of which have been obsoleted. The inclusion of the Basic tier of Act! Marketing Automation is a great alternative for these users. This new tier provides a drag and drop template editor and allows you to send up to 2500 emails per month which can be expanded to 10,000 emails per month for the cost of $15.00 per month for each 2500 added. You will also be able to see basic metrics in Act! as to whether your email was opened.