Today, Act! is releasing a brand new Act! Premium Portfolio. This new portfolio has much better value and gives customers the flexibility to choose their own method of deploying Act! The portfolio consists of Act! Premium Desktop, Act! Premium Cloud and Act! Premium Cloud with Desktop Synchronization. Let’s take a closer look at each of these components.

Act! Premium Desktop: Act! Premium Desktop is the traditional version of Act! that has been installed over the last few years. Act! v24 delivers 64 bit architecture to this environment as well as Act! Marketing Automation Basic which allows up to 2500 sends per month. This version of Act! is self-hosted. It is installed on local machines and can be set up for network use, synchronization, and even opened up for web access.

Act! Premium Cloud: Act! Premium Cloud is a SaaS offering. Your database is hosted by Act! Completely cloud based, it allows for rapid deployment. It is the cloud version of Act! that is very similar to the traditional Act! most users are familiar with. It includes full featured Act!, AMA Basic with 2500 sends per month, 6 GB’s of cloud storage, automatic updates of the software and nightly backups.

Act! Premium Cloud with Desktop Synchronization: Act! Premium Cloud with Desktop Synchronization gives you all of the features of Act! Premium Cloud, but adds the flexibility to have Synchronization databases.

The Portfolio Advantage: Act! is simplifying its portfolio with a single product, Act! Premium. It is then offering three deployment options to choose from. Act! Premium Desktop (Self Hosted), Act! Premium Cloud – Hosted by Act!, and Act! Premium Cloud with Synchronization hosted by Act! but allowing Sync databases. Each of the products has a consistent set of features and services. They are each Full Featured CRM, include AMA Basic with 2500 sends, Include Act! Insight, Act! Companion and standard support. Act! is also offering consistent add-on options across the board. Enhanced support for $10 per user per month, Custom Tables for $10 per user per month and Marketing Automation options for increased sends and capability.