It’s all about deployment options!

Act! Premium Desktop

What’s new in Act! Premium v24? It can be installed on your desktop or own servers in a network configuration, or enabled with web access to your own servers.  It also allows you to set up synchronization users. In v24 is the addition of  Act! Marketing Automation Basic with 2500 sends monthly included.

$37.50 per user/per month Billed Annually

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Act! Premium CLOUD

An online option offered by Act!  There is no software to install or maintain. Enjoy the convenience of a cloud-based solution with a Full-featured CRM, Act! Marketing Automation Basic, Standard Support, 6 GB of Cloud Storage, Automatic Upgrades and Nightly Backups.

$30.00 Per User/Per Month Billed Annually

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Act! Premium Cloud with Synchronization

Act! Premium Cloud with Synchronization is hosted by Act! but allows safe and secure access via a browser, or with a Synchronization database.  Includes Act! Marketing Automation Basic with 2500 sends/month, 6 GB cloud storage.

$40.00 per user/per month Billed Annually

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What’s new in Act! Premium v24?

64-bit architecture delivering speed, performance, scalability and security!

There is no other vendor who offers the breadth of deployment options like Act! does.  You can truly deploy the software in the way that makes the most sense for your organization.   Access via a browser, put it on your desktop, get to it via your phone or tablet – let’s have a conversation about how your staff needs to operate and the pros and cons of each implementation method.  That way you can be assured you are making the right choice for you!  

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32 bit to 64 bit
Act! moves from 32 bit to 64 bit

New 64-bit Architecture

Memory Access:  Access 17,000,000,000 +GB of RAM vs only 4 GB with 32 bit application

Multi-Tasking: Run multiple application concurrently without out of memory issues

Speed & Performance:  Enjoy superior speed during high-load functions

Scalability:  Run multiple 3rd party add-ons optimally

Security:  Leverage the inherent security of 64 bit hardware and O/S


Outlook and Word Enhancements

Select from multiple databases in Outlook Add In 

Set up API connection to Outlook easily for locally shared databases

Pull in current contact list during Mail Merge for recording history

Embed images in MS-word based mail merge templates from image fields

Issue with mail merges going to draft now fixed


MS Word Mail Merge

Compatibility Updates

Windows 11

Office 2019 – Use the 64-bit integration for Outlook and Word for optimal performance

SQL 2019 – Deploy pre-packaged SQL 2019 on new installs, or upgrade to SQL 2019 if a supported version is not detected

These compatibility updates allow you to maintain the highest levels of security, performance and scalability . 


Act! Marketing Automation

Capture Notes and reminders to collaborate on template design

Hide rows or blocks from rendering on Mobile emails

Send A/B tests to subsets then select the best performing for the remainder of the sends

Trigger follow-ups such as calls, meeting, to dos based on new scores

Use two column display on landing pages



A/B Testing in Act! Marketing Automation