Create up to 1440 scheduled events that run automatically

Automatically back up and database to an offsite FTP server

Maintain Act! by using AutoAdmin to Remove old and unnecessary data automatically

If you need AutoAdmin for an older version of Act! please select from the dropdown below.

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How do you backup and maintain your Act! database?

Do it the right way by using the #1 unattended backup and maintenance tool – AutoAdmin!

Keep your Act! data safe and healthy  and receive Email confirmations so you know your Act! backup was successful.  You can even backup Act! off site.

AutoAdmin effortlessly backs up and maintains all your Act! data on a schedule you control, so you know you’re protected from disastrous data loss and costly interruptions.

AutoAdmin is the #1 unattended administration software that Act! administrators, ACCs and Act! users have counted on for years to ensure their valuable Act! data is safe and healthy.

In just a few minutes, you can have peace of mind knowing all your workgroup and remote Act! data are securely backed up on a regular schedule that requires no user intervention. Every morning you’ll get a brief e-mail message confirming that all your valuable databases were backed up and tuned up, so you’ll always know your data is safe and healthy.

For extra reliability, backups can be saved offsite to your password-protected “FTP server” with no extra effort.

How to backup ACT!, using AutoAdmin that’s how!